Saturday, August 18, 2007

Plac.Art.X - coming up very soon!

Program of Plac.Art.X 18th august

at Leerer Beutel/ Regensburg

placard - headphone festival of experimental sounds, electronic and acoustic

Plac.Art.X is a placard taking place on the 18th august 2007 at Leerer Beutel in Regensburg/Germany. Placard or if in english – headphone festival is an alternative form of participating in music, both as a listener and as a performer artist. No more feedbacking loudspeaker systems, no more complaining neighbours. Headphone festivals are a social and musical experiment. You can listen and participate in the Plac.Art.X both in Regensburg and also remote from internet thru audio streams on the web. The placard is one of the happenings during the art.xxXtenxions weeks during august from Pomodoro Bolzano media art group and the placard is curated from their artist in residency Björn Erikson (aka Miulew) from Sweden. Here is where you can tune in via your media player (VLC, Winamp, iTunes etc) and a pair of headphones:

Location: Leerer Beutel, Regensburg-Germany

Date: 18th august

Time: 3pm CET to 3am CET (12 hour)

Free entrance. (bring your headphones, just in case it is getting crowdy)


Walter Cianciusi (Italy) El Lazo Invisible (Mexico) This Window (UK) chiste (Chile) John Kannenberg (USA) transponderfish (Germany) miulew (Sweden) christiaan cruz (USA) benedikt koehler (Germany) JanedaPain (USA) gintas k (Lithuania) little_johnny_anger ( - ) tbttbc (Belgium) Eartrumpet (UK) Jori Tokyo (Germany) { brad brace } (USA) bryce beverlin II (USA) phog masheeen (USA) nathalie fougeras (France) ookoi (France/Netherlands) usr/sbin (USA)

Surprice guests will appear and things will happen for sure so don´t except above list or the one below to be a static one. We are trying to send a webcam feed from this placard. More on this and how the webcam interfacing goes will be able to catch up at the IRC-chat that is ported to Internet under

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Plac.Art.X program

Program of Plac.Art.X 18th august
at Leerer Beutel/ Regensburg
placard -
headphone festival of experimental sounds, electronic and acoustic

15:00 Walter Cianciusi - Le Placard - (+)
- Filtering Found Sounds

15:30 El Lazo Invisible - :::: cuanto más cerca esté tu frecuencia :::: - (+)
- Erroneous landscapes & statics of the forgotten

16:00 This Window - Extractions - (+)
- gathered sounds with voice and instruments - 1981-2007

16:30 chiste (mika martini and daniel jeffs) - live set from chile - (+) .

17:00 John Kannenberg - field recordings & synthesis - (+)
- digital minimalism

17:30 transponderfish - feeding strange things back to the input - (+)
- .aux3 send -> ch2 in

18:00 m.i.u.l.e.w - l.e.a.r.n.s t.o r.i.d.e. a b.i.c.y.c.l.e - (+)
- found sounds with laptop and clarinet

18:30 christiaan cruz - amphionde - (+)
- water images

19:00 benedikt koehler - sommerferien - (+)
- 12 o'clock field recordings of schoolyards in munich during school holidays, summer '07

19:30 JanedaPain - At Altitude - (+)
- surround sound ambient sounds from 8382'

20:00 gintas k - found feelings - (+)
- .melancholy, micro sounds, errors, banalities, crackles, softly pulses of synthesized tones mixed with field recordings of Marijampole town, Lithuania

20:30 little_johnny_anger - Playing with the East Wind by the Railroad West - (+)
- Solo for Expanded Acoustic Guitar and Found Sounds

21:00 tbttbc - ... - (+)
- laptop/sample/field recording/effects based performance. real time improvisations, disconnected instruments

21:30 Eartrumpet - Istanbul - (+)
- Field recordings, manipulated trumpet & online visual mix

22:00 Jori Tokyo - liquid audio - (+)
- liquid organic sound processing - produced, glitched and served in realtime to the party

22:30 { brad brace } - Global Islands Project - (+)

23:00 ookoi - confusion/diffusion -(+)

23:30 bryce beverlin II - free improvisation - (+)
- .improvisation using percussion, voice, and electronics.

00:00 LOCAL ACT - TBA - (+)

01:00 phog masheeen - Forced Air - (+)
- electro-acoustic performance, trumpet, electronics and percussion

01:30 nathalie fougeras - ::::::::::::::::::::BREAK_NIGHT:: - (+)
- live performance mix and voice

02:30 usr/sbin - (untitled) - (+)
- processed guitar and other audio sources

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

placard artists

We still have some free slots left, please check the program line-up here. Contact me at miulew at gmail dot com if you have questions.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Plac.Art.X - headphone festival in Regensburg 18th august

On the 18th august 2007 Plac.Art.X is taking place in Regensburg, Germany. This will be a 12 hour placard, starting at 3 pm and ending 12 hours later in night at 3am. Placard is from the french word - and here stands for headphone festivals. Placards has been going on for a while now, with start in France by Erik Minkkinen and his friends ten years ago. Usually a placard has between 12 to 24 headphones available for listening on live acts making music and sounds. It is not meant that all people shall listen at headphone all the time as an important factor is to socialize and talk about the sounds and music you or others have heard on phones. Pretty often placards are like a party at a friends place - and not without reason the device "Placard - headphone and beers" are put up at posters and invitations. The artists are usually often in the same room as the placard listeners but can also come in virtual thru audio streams on internet so placard often twistes the listeners perception of a room. A sound room. The Plac.Art.X in Regensburg will be a mix on location artists and virtual remote artists and goes well with the ongoing research of mixed reality happenings. Here is a video where you can get a pretty good overview of what a placard can be. We are now setting up the placard on the web and we take applications and suggestions. Read more on placards here. You can either join us in Regensburg or come to us thru the streams on the web. In any case, please contact us about participation with sending a mail to us at miulew at gmail dot com.

The Plac.Art.X will happen in Städtische Galerie im Leeren Beutel, Bertoldstr.9, 93047 Regensburg and are a part of the happenings during 9th aug to 1st september by media art group Pomodoro Bolzano.